Consultant Physician

Dr. Shankar G. Vasista received his MBBS and MD (Internal Medicine) with honours from IGGMC, Nagpur. An FCCP (USA), and an FRMS (UK), he has held many academic posts in colleges around the country, culminating in a stint as Honorary Professor, Dept. of Medicine, IGGMC. Added to his decades in private practice, this gives Dr. S. G. Vasista over thirty years experience, in treating a broad spectrum of infectious diseases & chronic illnesses, in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac diseases and also in the diagnosis and management of Diabetes Type 1&2 and Gestational diabetes.

Dr. S. G. Vasista has been a member and an office-bearer of many academic bodies, and has authored numerous research papers and publications. He has delivered many lectures, chaired sessions and given presentations at various levels – addressed both to the general public in the service of greater awareness, and to doctors’ groups and at conferences, in the interest of knowledge-sharing and Continued Medical Education

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  • One year Rotating Internship
  • Six Months Resident Physician in Internal Medicine.
  • Six Months Resident Physician in Paediatrics.
  • One and half year as Registrar in Internal Medicine.
  • Worked as Lecturer in Internal Medicine from September 1983 confirmed by the Maharashtra Public Service Commission – till January 1992.
  • Guide for Post – Graduate Studies – Nagpur University since February 1987. All my professional experience mentioned above has been at Indira Gandhi Medical College and Mayo Hospital, Nagpur.
  • Worked as Associate Professor in Medicine at Y – Smruti Medical College, from January 1992 to September 1993.
  • Worked as Associate Professor in Medicine at N.K.P. Salve Institute of Medical Sciences and Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, since March 1994 to July 1999.
  • Examiner for M.B.B.S. – Nagpur University and Kolhapur University, for the past nearly fifteen years.
  • Specialized Clinical Experience – Jefferson Medical School, Philadelphia, U.S.A.
  • Professor in the Department of Medicine K.V. Institute of Medical sciences and Research Centre. CHENNAI from 15.12.2008 to 31.07.2009.
  • Maharashtra Institute of Development Administration Training Course – 1990.
  • Eastern Neuro Diagnostic Associates PC, USA – 3 weeks training in neuro diagnostic techniques 10.10.1994.
  • The American Academy of Continuing Medical Education – Aug. 2007 Updates in Heart Failure.
  • FCCS – Fundamental Critical Care Support – Sept. 2011.
  • The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, USA, July 2011 – Lipid Management Outcomes in India.
  • Madras Diabetes Research foundation and American Diabetes Association – Sept. 2004. Post Graduate course in Diabetology.
  • The Endocrine Society – USA – Dec. 2012 four CME modules on lipids and Dyslipedemia management.